Treasure City, Nevada

  Silver was discovered high up on the east side of Treasure Hill in 1867, this discovery went on to become the famous Hidden Treasure Mine. Within a year, over 6000 people called Treasure City home. There were over 13,000 claims filed on Treasure hill, the silver mines were so rich that they threatened to glut the world money market. The British were said to be heavy investors in the area.

  Life was pretty ruff here, at an altitude of over 9000 feet on top of Treasure Hill, the town took the brunt of icy winds that howled through the town. Deep snowdrifts would destroy buildings and blocked the roads, thus requiring lockers and BFG Mud Terrains on the wagons.

  At the town's peak in 1869, Treasure City had a newspaper "White Pine News", post office, stock exchange, theater, Odd Fellows Lodges, and all the things we find in a planned community like Irvine California. The business district had at least 42 stores, a bank, Wells Fargo Office, and several saloons. Prices were very high for goods, like you find in Mammoth California.

  By 1870, shallow veins, and excessive litigation (there's the lawyers ruining things again) brought the district into decline, and by 1870 most of the population had left for greener fields. In 1874 the towns business district suffered a fire and little was rebuilt. By 1880 over 20 Million in silver had been recovered from Treasure Hill.

  One of the strange things we found at Treasure City was how mines were all over the place, they were dug right next to homes and businesses. We found the Hidden Treasure Mine using the GPS, but it didn't look safe enough to enter. The area was again active in the 1980's with a modern mining company reworking the area, you had to be careful of getting run over by those big mining dump trucks (Tonka's). The modern mining company left little of Treasure City to see, but it's still worth the trip.

Let's explore Treasure City

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