Gold Mountain/Stateline, Nevada
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  Stateline was originally known as Gold Mountain. Gold was initially discovered here in 1864, but because of lack of water, poor transportation, and Indian harassment little was done till years later.
 By 1881 a townsite was established consisting of five saloons, two stores, a chop shop (isn't that where stolen wagons were striped and sold for parts?), a butcher, post office, a hurdy-gurdy, and many dug out homes. The Stateline Mining Company erected a 10-stamp mill and piped in water from Tule Canyon.
  The mine continue to produce for several years. The post office closed in 1891 following a decline in mining. There was a brief revival in 1905 and another mill was built in the later years. Ruins of many of the buildings and the Stateline Off-Roader's Supply Store may still be found in the area..

Let's explore Stateline

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