Rhyolite, Nevada
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  The John S. Cook bank building was constructed in 1907. In 1908 the Rhyolite post office was moved to it's basement. The bank closed in 1910 and the upper two floors were stripped of the vault doors and fixtures. The post office continued to operate in the basement of the neglected building until 1919. The ruins to the right are that of the Gorrill Block which housed Newton Grill.

  Rhyolite was located in the heart of the Bullfrog district and the townsite was laid out in February 1905. By 1907 the town boasted 6000 inhabitants and featured a modern telephone exchange, three water companies, three ice plants, electric street lights, hotels, three railroads, four banks, two churches, numerous saloons, symphony orchestra, four newspapers, two locally printed magazines, a public swimming pool, and many fine stone and wooden homes.
  The major mines within the area of Rhyolite included the Montgomery-Shoshone, Original Bullfrog and the Tramp. When the nation was struck with the financial panic of late 1907, many of the mines folded. This hit Rhyolite hard and by 1910 there were only 700 people in town and by 1920 the town had expired.

Here's a light hearted story from a newspaper in Rhyolite:

  Here in the mining camps of Nevada, most of the mules and burros are named Maude, after Opper's funny cartoon, but the really famous Maude of Rhyolite is always worthy of mention. She is quite a friend for notoriety and works overtime to make a reputation. She has had her photo in several Eastern papers, and her postcard is on sale about the shop windows. But where the real Maude hangs out is generally in front of the Newton Grill, when the bulldogs will so permit. There is a white bulldog about town who mixes with Maude in a manner that rouses all her mulish ire and she puts in much of her time chasing the bulldog in a futile attempt to eat his tail off.
  Maude gets her meals at the Newton Grill, one of the best in the city. In unguarded moments she used to go in with the other guests, but the proprietors taught her a few object lessons and so she stays outside. Maude is not really a mule, but a gray burro of the genus jassack. She has an ironclad appetite and a deadly hatred of dogs.                                           -Bullfrog Miner, March 1, 1907

Let's explore Rhyolite

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