The Rand or Bovard Mining District, Nevada

 Nevada Rand Mine, what a dump!

  The district was first discovered by prospectors from Rawhide back in 1907. The Nevada Rand and the Gold Pen Mines were located in 1908 and the silver-gold ore from the mines was treated over at the Rawhide Mill. 
  In 1919 The Gold Pen Mining Company built a 20-ton amalgamating mill which started production in 1920. The Nevada Rand Mining Company was incorporated in 1916 and owned several of the properties in the area. The property consisted of 7 claims, a 450ft shaft, and 2500ft of workings equipped with a hoist and assay office.
  The Copper Mountain Mine put out more than $125,000, the Gold Pen Mine is said to have produced $200,000, and the Nevada Rand $50,000.

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