The Poinsettia Mining Camp, Nevada

Sign on the post reads "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!"

  This old Nevada mining camp is taken care of by some local Boy Scouts. They come here to get away from the women and learn about being a "Man".
 At the Poinsettia Mercury Mine the Scouts learn about cooking Man food, driving 4x4's, shooting guns, blowing up things, and the dangers of liberal democrats. Here the boy's also are taught about the finer things in life such as; Beer, Poker, Burping, Farting, and Butt Scratching.

  When I was looking at a topo map of the area, I spotted a grave on the map, so I marked the coords. When we arrived at the Poinsettia Mine I grabbed my GPS and went looking for the grave.
Well, I found the spot, and it turned out to be the former site of the outhouse! 
I guess whoever is buried there must have been pretty unpopular with the miners.

Let's explore the Poinsettia Mine

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