Palmetto, Nevada
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Ruins of the Silver Champion Mill. The stack was removed by vandals in the 1950's.

  Silver deposits were found here in early 1860's, and a district was quickly organized. The miners thought that the local joshua trees were related to the palm tree, so they named the site Palmetto. The ore was not profitable and the site was abandoned until a 2nd revival in the late 1860's.
  A third revival occurred early in 1906 when old and new mines opened up. A new townsite featured a mile long commercial district that included stores, meat markets, saloons, feed yards, bakeries, restaurants, delicatessen, assay offices, bank, doctor's office, newspaper, and a post office. There is no mention of a Home Depot or a Starbucks Coffee House.
  The ores were not able to hold up, (I said ore's, not ....), and the locals drifted away to other camps.

Let's explore Palmetto

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