North Twin River Mining District, Nevada

  The North Twin River Mining District is located in the Toiyabe Range and extends from Park  Canyon in the north to the North Twin River in the south. The mining district dates back to the mid 1860's with the discovery of the Buckeye silver mine. In 1867 the La Plata Mining Company moved a 10-Stamp mill here from Lander County and housed it here in a large building made of native stone.
  The area experienced many revivals as usual, including one in 1885 to work the Giant Mine. The mill from Jefferson was brought in, but proved to be a failure, a furnace was brought in to help process the ore, but this too did not pan out. By 1890 the area was a ghost again. 
 The last major revival occurred in 1905 and lasted till around 1916. The Smokey Valley Mining and Milling Company bought up the area's mining claims and installed a 5-Stamp Mill, this mill also ran into problems with processing the ore and only operated for a couple of years.

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