The Morris Mining Camp (& Shaft), Nevada

This cabin is rumored to have been the actual cabin that Morris hid out in.

  Nevada history is filled with the adventures of great explorers like Kit Carson, Mark Twain, Wayne Newton, Charro, and last but not least, "Morris". On his trusty steed "Polaris", Morris is said to have covered more ground and broken more hearts than any man in the history of Nevada.
  But just who was this Morris? History says he was quite the charmer and ladies man. Renowned for his vocabulary and way with words, he could easily sweep any woman off of her feet. It is said that he had left a trail of broken hearts clear across the state of Nevada. Still to this day, the ghosts of many angry miners search the mountains and canyons looking for this SOB of a man; Morris.

  Morris Camp is an abandoned mining camp that was said to have been one of his many hideouts. Morris was known to leave his "calling card" where ever he went, he would leave it under the pillows of the women he had charmed or he would write it on the walls of old abandoned mines.
  Morris's calling card was the phrase "Outlaw Hummers", what this meant or just why he would want to outlaw hummers has been lost to history. 

  His downfall finally came when he broke the heart of a Lady Sheriff out near Montezuma NV. Seeking revenge, she quickly formed a tight posse with her best deputies, (all the local boys loved to ride in her posse) and set out after Morris. She yelled out "I want that 2 time'n varmint to hang, and don't cut him down till he's well hung!".  This sent Morris on the run, from one end of Nevada to the other, never to be found.

  Walk into any saloon or brothel in Nevada today and you will find that the lady's sigh and miners spit and curse whenever the name of "Morris" is whispered.

Let's explore Morris Camp

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