The Mine That Time Forgot, Nevada

  Mormons discovered (multiple wives) silver  in this area in 1870 and by 1871 a camp was established here. The mining district was organized in 1876 and by 1878 a smelter was running and a 12-stamp mill was built.
  By 1882 the town had 5 stores, 8 saloons, 2 hotels, 3 stables, 2 barbershops, a butcher, blacksmith, post office, and a newspaper publishing office. The town had a population of around 700 miners.
  The mine shown here was discovered in 1877 and in 1911 all of the nearby mines were consolidated by a mining company. In 1913 a 9000 foot aerial tramway that was constructed. The mines here have been worked on and off over the years and were abandoned in the early 60's. 
  Presently a caretaker resides over these grounds and permission must be obtained before exploring these grounds

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