The Mina Mercury Mine, Nevada

 WOW, Check out that cool Jeep!

  If I had money tell ya what I'd do, I'd go down town and buy a Mercury Mine or two, I'm crazy for that mercury, ya I'm crazy about that mercury.
  That's right the man who worked this mine got a little too much mercury in his system and went on to write that famous song about mercury mining. Years later he was seen in the local hills jumping like a pogo stick yelling "I'm coockoo for Coco-Puffs, coockoo for Coco-Puffs". Just another prime example of what too much success can do to a man.

  It is written that this mine had over 5000 feet of workings and that over 3000 flasks passed through here, now were those flasks of mercury or flasks of whiskey?

Let's explore the Mina Mercury Mine

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