Mangum, Nevada

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  Around 1905 J. S. Cain (of Bodie fame) acquired many of the old claims around Aurora. In 1906 Cain started up a 20-Stamp mill and with the return of humans to Aurora, the old town sprang back to life and the post office reopened.
  Around 1912 the mining enterprise was sold to a Lester Mangum, soon Mangum and a partner J. Knight had a 500-ton-per-day mill operating. Knight arrived in Aurora from Provo Utah and was shocked to find bars and even a brothel ! (I'm sure he was even more upset at having to leave his horde of wives back in Utah).

  So Knight created a "NEW" town just over the hill, this "dry" boring town was called "Mangum". No bars, no brothels, NO FUN !!! To keep the miners busy during their free time a tennis court was built, this can still be found today if you know where to look.

  The boom was short lived and the enterprise was sold to the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company and a subsidiary called Aurora Consolidated Mines was formed. Over 633,000 tons of ore from the old mines and tailings were worked and over $1,800,000 in gold and silver was recovered.

  WWI broke out and with the skyrocketing labor costs, profits decreased, production ceased and the mill was dismantled and was moved back to Goldfield, the company town of Magnum was abandoned and Aurora was once again a ghost city.

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