Lost Steer Mine, Nevada

  Where's the Beef?

  How the Lost Steer Mine was found is one of those stories we have heard a thousand times, but I'll repeat it again; A lonely old prospector was out prospecting in these hills with his faithful companion cow when he decided to sit down against a tree and take a nap, when he awoke he had found that his cow had taken off with all of his supplies.
  So he went looking for his cow, and found him high on a mountain top working a gold outcropping he had found. Well, the old prospector and the cow got into a vicious fight over the rights to the mining claim. The cow was winning the battle by using "Karate Chops" till the prospector pulled out a long carving knife and made a quick "fillet" of him.
  Needless to say, the prospector celebrated that evening by sitting down to a medium rare porterhouse steak dinner.

  They say when you visit the Lost Steer Mine and the conditions are just right, you just might hear a "MOO" in the night!

  The official records want us to believe that the Lost Steer Mine was a mercury mine that was discovered in 1913 with 450 flasks of mercury shipped by 1941.

But we all know that is a load of "Bull" don't we?

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