Janie's Ranch and Ore House, Nevada

  (A) John stands at the exit door of Janie's, boy just look at the size of the smile on his face!

  Let's face it, the ground the Miners worked in Buena Vista Mining District just did not put out! The Miners got nothing in return for all the time they spent court'n that virgin territory. Since they never hit the mother lode, moral among the Miners was very, very low.

  So the women of the district led by Janie,
got together and built a place where the Miners could come and spend time with any type of ore they preferred. The Miner was then charged a nominal fee that varied with the type of process or "Assay" he wished to perform on the ore of his choice.

  (A) John and I had a great time exploring Janie's, (A) John brought along a black-light that he shined on the walls of the various rooms we explored, and the light showed all kinds of spots on the walls of the rooms, we figured that it was probably a byproduct of the Miner's assaying the ore.

  Please remember that exploring old Ore Houses can be very dangerous, so much so that the state of Nevada has instituted a statewide program called "STAY OUT, STAY ALIVE" to inform the public of the dangers of Ore Houses.

Let's explore Janie's Ranch and Ore House

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