Grantsville, Nevada
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Ruins of the Alexander Company's 20-stamp mill built in 1877.

  The discovery of gold in Grantsville Canyon dates back to around 1863. By 1879 the town had a population of around 800, and boasted 2 general merchandise stores, a hardware and tin shop, a livery stable, blacksmith shop, two barber shops, a jewelry store, two assay offices, a bank, furniture store, two drug stores, and a fine restaurant, and of course, up to twelve saloons.
The town also had a series of three newspapers. Grantsville lasted until about 1885.

In 1907, a prospector by the name of Bob Hanchett showed up in Grantsville and salted a tunnel there with gold dust. As word of a strike spread, about 30-40 prospectors who were mostly grubstaked, flocked to Grantsville.
  The news of the discovery attracted business people of all types, including a saloon operator and three girls who decided to open a brothel there.
  It wasn't long before the prospectors concluded that the tunnel had been salted, they spent their days in the saloon until their grubstakes ran out and then they moved on. The boom proved a disappointment for the girls and when their brothel burned down, they too moved on.
  Thus ended Grantsville's last boom.

Let's explore Grantsville

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