Castleton Mine, Nevada

  This was such a cool mine and mill site to explore, I just wish I would have taken more pics! Boy if they ever fire up these electric motors, the inrush current would dim the lights in the entire state of Nevada.
  Castleton is on private property and you have to get permission to explore the grounds. We tried a couple of things in order to get a tour of this place;

  First we found that if we put Cat out on the side of the road to the mill in plaid shorts and had her shake a leg at passing trucks, no one would stop.
  So the next thing we tried was to have Cat call the caretaker and swear not to wear plaid shorts and shake her leg at passing trucks, also we had to promise bring Shawn Hall with us to sign autographs.
  Then they then agreed to give us a tour of the site.  

Let's explore the Castleton Mine

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