Candelaria, Nevada
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  Candelaria was named in 1865 and at one time had a post office, 2 hotels, 11 saloons, livery stables, a schoolhouse, 2 newspapers, and other businesses, but no church. It's silver veins produced over $33,000,000. In 1885 the Carson & Colorado railroad was extended to Candelaria.    This was a dry town, with water having to be hauled in on burros from a spring 9 miles away at a cost of a $1 a   gallon for the first 17 years of the towns existence. Over in the rival town of Bodie, a newspaper "expressed wonder that the lack of water should disturb Candelaria--it being charged that not more than a dozen citizens of the Nevada camp ever used the commodity, either for personal ablution or as a beverage".
  It was in Candelaria that Christian  B. Zabriskie met "Borax" Smith before he started his successful borax business, next time your in Death Valley, check out Zabriskie Point.

Let's explore Candelaria

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