Buena Vista Mining District, Nevada

  The Buena Vista Macho Combo Grande Deluxe, (with no sour cream)!

  The Buena Vista Mining District was originally organized as the Montgomery District in 1864, and was shown on the General Land office Map as the White Mountains District in 1866, then reorganized as the Oneota District in 1870, and by about 1912 the district was known as Buena Vista.
 Although there are many mines in the area, including The Queen Canyon Mine, The Spor, The Tip-Top, and others. The principal mine of the district was the Indian Queen Mine, and in 1873 a 4-Stamp Mill was erected at the mouth of the canyon and quite a bit of high quality ore was shipped.
  The Tip-Top mine was operated by the Louisiana Consolidated Mining Company (the same company that operated at Tybo) and they installed a 10-Stamp cyanide mill with 50 tons capacity.

  We think that this mining district may have actually been the first site of the "Buena Vista Mexican Fast Food Drive Thru and Mining Supplies Emporium". Check out our pictures and see if you agree, and don't forget to grab some hot sauce!

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