Ghost Town Explorers

  Welcome Explorers! Its time to get up off your arrastra and go on another adventure; hiking and 4Wheeling in search of forgotten Ghost Towns & Mining Camps, Ancient Indian sites, & Aircraft Crash Sites of California & Nevada.

  So fill the tank, stock up on beer and ice, and lets
head on out to where the streets have no name.

  This site looks best after a couple of  beers and at video resolution of 1024 x 768.

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  If you are interested in going out exploring in the California/ Nevada area, drop me a line, I'm  looking forward to getting together with other people that enjoy getting out hiking, exploring, photography, camping, and BS'ing around the campfire.


  Perform a basic calibration on your monitor by setting the contrast high, and by varying brightness till you can just faintly see a step between 16 & 17 without steps 1  & 2 washing out.


   The Fine Print:  Please note that all images and graphics appearing on this internet site are Copyright by The Ghost Town Explorers and may not be used in any way without written permission. Also don't try this at home!