Ghost Town Explorers


Updated on May 29, 2013

Blue Jasmine Stamp Mill Like I'm really going to give out the name of this mill!
Revisited Brandy City Nothing like a night cap after mountain biking in a hydraulic mine pit!
Bridgeport Covered Bridge and the Yuba River Possibly the longest covered bridge in America. And one of the prettiest rivers in the Mother Lode country.
Burned Up Stamp Mill What a senseless loss of history.
Camptonville Stamp Mill The Camp-town-lady's?, NO! I said Camptonville!

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Columbia The Gem of the Southern Sierra's.
Downieville 1850's Motherlode town turned mountain biking haven.
Downieville Downhill Mountain Biking Trail  Originally constructed in the 1850's by miners to serve mines in the area, it's now a famous mountain bike trail.
Empire Mine State Park I bet you thought I was going to say something tacky like "The Empire Strikes Back"!
Eureka City (North) This little mining town was washed away by hydraulic monitors that drained into the Yuba River.
Fiddletown Just who was King Lott, and why did his 3 young wives die within years of each other?
Revisited Forest City A friendly little old mining town in the Tahoe National Forest.
Henness Pass Road One of the last remaining pioneer roads across the Sierra's.
Hornitos No it's not pronounced Horny-toes ! 
Illegal Alien Quartz Mine Run for the Border!
Independence Trail This ditch was built in the 1860's to supply water from the Yuba River to hydraulic mines and is now a cool hike.

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McMoanin Hydraulic Mine A small historic hydraulic mine.
Morning Glory Stamp Mill Another Stamp Mill in the Mother Lode.
Mugwamp Mine A Placer Drift Mine that dates back to the early 1850's 
Munster Mill 30-Stamp mill and mine deep in the Tahoe National Forest.
North Bloomfield and Malakoff Diggins The home of the original "Super Soaker Model 1875" Squirt Gun!
This area features some great mountain biking trails, like the Rim Trail!
North Columbia WOW! Check out those pits.
North Fork Mine A cool mine located on Oregon Creek next to Forest City.
Old Man Wiley's Stamp Mill A neat Nevada City Stamp Mill.
Ophir Quartz Mine Scenic mine ruin on Kanaka Creek.
NEW Pickering Steam Donkey Pickering Rail Road / Lumber Company Steam Donkey
Port Wine, Queen City, Grass Flat, St. Louis, Pine Grove, & Howland Flat 6 hydraulic mining towns out in the middle of nowhere.

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Ruby Tuesday Drift Mine Historic drift mine taps into the ancient Yuba River.
Revisited Sterritt Mine A cool 10-Stamp Mill located near the American River.
NEW Sweetwater Clyde's Mine Features 1-Stamp, 5-Stamp, 10-Stamp, & a Chillian Mill
Volcano Take the time to walk around this cool historic town.
Winrod Cabin A lonely miners cabin deep in the forest.
Yuba River Mining Camp Join us as we hike up a canyon to a mining camp in 100 heat. Ok... you get to cool off and play in the Yuba River when we're done.