Ghost Town Explorers


  Its great to get out into nature and explore old abandoned ghost towns and mining camps, forgotten Indian sites, lost aircraft crash sites, or 4Wheel old Rail Road grades, miners wagon roads, or hike trails that date back to the gold rush. 
  It's fun to discover the strange machines and interesting relics left behind, try to figure out how they worked and reflect about the people who once lived there. 
  But please remember, when visiting, Indian sites, aircraft crash sites, or ghost towns/ mining camps, it's your responsibility to leave the site as you found it for future explorers to enjoy.

Exploring aircraft crash sites.

Updated August, 2014


Hiking and exploring in the California desert.

Updated December, 2014


Hiking and exploring in the California eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.

Updated Sept, 2013


Hiking and exploring in the California western Sierra Nevada mountains.

Updated May, 2013


Hiking and exploring in Nevada.

Updated August, 2008


Exploring on the boarder of California and Nevada.

Updated July, 2006

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