Ghost Town Explorers

Includes exploring ghost towns, mining camps, petroglyphs, and hiking in Saline Valley, Panamint Valley, and Eureka Valley.

Updated on May 20, 2013

Corridor Canyon A really colorful hike in the Last Chance Range
New Corkscrew Peak This peak requires a bit of route finding.
Darwin Falls  Beautiful desert waterfalls.
Death Valley Wild Flowers Photos from the 2005 100 year bloom.
Death Valley Indians Vacation Route Petroglyphs on the old trail the Indians used between the Panamint Mountains and the valley below.
Death Valley Indians, Part 1 As we continue on the trail of the Heck-R-We Indians
Death Valley Indians, Part 2 The ongoing search of the petroglyphs left behind by that wild and crazy bunch.
EZ Or Knot Canyon Were Death Valley's Indian's skilled Canyoneers?
New Indians and Miners Trail Lets take a look at the rock art these guys left for us.
New Indians AAA Road Sign Even the Heck-R-We Indians needed a AAA Road Sign !
New Italian Fish Pizza Mine A long forgotten 1870's silver mine.
Eureka Sand Dunes Not much fun in a high wind.
Fall Canyon Becoming a popular Death Valley hike.
Funeral Peak This hike wont leave you in mourning !
Golden Canyon Death Valley's most popular hike.
Grotto Canyon You might need a rope for this one.

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Happy Canyon Nice brush choked canyon in the Panamint Mountains.
Lost Indian Canyon A cool canyon tagged with Pictographs & Petroglyphs.
Mosaic Canyon Popular polished marble slot canyon.
Marble Canyon A short slot canyon in the Cottonwood Mountains.
New Panamint Valley Sand Dunes How about some sand between your toes? 
Racetrack & The Moving Rocks The mysterious moving rocks of Death Valley.
Red Wall Canyon A gorgeous canyon of red in the Grapevine Mountains.
Rood Rock Nice rock you got there William B. Rood.
Saline Valley Hot Springs A nice place to camp and relax after a long day of exploring.
San Lucas Canyon Road The original southern route into Saline Valley.
Sidewinder Canyon This canyon features dark secret places.
Stretched-Pebble Canyon A neat little canyon found in the Panamint Mountains.
Unnamed Tucki Mountain Canyon We found this canyon by accident while hiking over to Stretched-Pebble Canyon.