Downieville Downhill, Sierra County, CA

  First off, these pictures were taken with a cheap "one time use" camera. I forgot to bring our Canon EOS 5 Camera, I left it back at our camp spot on the Yuba River.

Mountain bike riders come from all over the country to ride this and other historic trails in the area. Shuttle services to the trail head are available in the old historic mining town of Downieville.

The "Downieville Downhill" mountain biking trail Starts at Packer Saddle and follows along Butcher Creek on the Butcher Ranch Trail to Pauley Creek then to Lavezzola Creek back to Downieville. The Butcher Ranch Trail ends at a Y to the Second Divide Trail and the Third Divide Trail. Both of these trails then intersect at the First Divide Trail and head back to Downieville. We took the Butcher Ranch Trail to the Third Divide Trail on down to the First Divide Trail back to Downieville, a distance of 13 miles with a elevation loss of over 5000 feet.

  These trails were orginally constructed in the 1850's to service the mines in the Gold Valley area. Old miners cabins can be found on the Butcher Ranch Trail and the Second Divide Trail. The Pauley Creek trail is named after Ben Pauley, who was a miner in the area from 1852 to 1858 and later operated a saw mill in the area. Lavezzola Creek is named after the Lavezzola brothers who during the 1890s' ran a sawmill in the area.


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  The first part of the trail from Packer Saddle is so steep, that you have to ride the brakes. This is the first chance I got to take a picture.   Randi goes along the side, I on the other hand went straight across, the only problem was that the stream was over three feet deep!
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  Heading down the Butcher Ranch Trail.

 This part of the trail is actually runs in a stream for a short distance.

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Finally climbing out of the stream.

Randi kickin up a little dust!

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  Heading to the first of two foot bridges found on the trail.

Foot Bridge number one.

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  Over the bridge and through the woods to grandmother's house we go!

  The Blair Witch Forest, I'm soo Scared!!

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This is one fun mountain biking trail.

  We took a break from the trail and climbed down to Pauley Creek to have lunch at this nice spot.
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  Better slow down, the trail narrows, it's straight down to Lavezzola Creek below.   The end of the trail at the local water hole in Downieville.

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