Yuba River Mining Camp, California

Old miners bunk house

  This was a interesting hike, we had great time exploring except for the heat, which was around 100. There used to be a road up this canyon, but the bridge over the creek in the canyon was washed out years ago. On the way up we saw a small rattle snake in the bushes, on the way back the girls stepped over this same rattle snake on the trail without seeing it, then Aaron following behind stepped over it, he looked down  at his feet and jumped about 5 feet in the air!
  The claims for the mines in this area were first filed in 1857. In 1874 this mine was operated by Ole Helgesen who ran a dry goods store in a nearby town. Most of the buildings here date from around 1907 and there was once a 3-stamp mill here also.

Let's explore the Yuba River Mining Camp

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