Old Man Wiley's Stamp Mill, California

  This Stamp Mill has been on our list of must see sites for quite a few years. So on this trip to Nevada County we were determined to finally see this site. Once we found the site of the Stamp Mill we realized that it was on private property.
  Since most of the owners of mines that we have run into are shotgun owners and don't care much for strangers, DezDan volunteered to go up to the house to ask for permission to see the Stamp Mill. Well, DezDan and the owner of the Mill came back to us and yelled "come on"!

  So we met the owner,  Mr. Wiley and his dog Bear. We could tell Mr. Wiley was glad to have some company, and he proceeded to tell us all about the property. Mr. Wiley and his wife bought the mining property years ago. He lives in what was the office of the XXXXX Mining Company that operated the mine back in the 1930's.

  Mr. Wiley told us about how he had panned in the stream below the stamp mill and found mercury "balls" in his pan and how the BLM has been out to his property doing all kinds of tests and probing. He also told us about how one time he was gone from the property for a few days and thieves came and stole some of the old mining equipment.

  To protect his Stamp Mill, Old Man Wiley and his Big dog Bear take daily walks down to the Stamp Mill for exercise and to keep an eye on it.

  So if your ever in Nevada County and want to see a cool Stamp Mill, stop by and see Mr. Wiley and his dog Bear, he will be more than happy to show you the Stamp Mill and tell you all about it.

Let's explore Old Man Wiley's Stamp Mill

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