Unique One Of A Kind 8-Stamp Mill

  In 1880 promising mineral deposits that were "rich in gold and galena" were found at the head of a canyon in the Eastern Sierra's. This canyon would later go on to be named after the superintendent of the mining company.
  In 1898 ore was hauled to a mill in the area and in 1899 the property was consolidated and incorporated by the mining company.

  In 1899 the mining company erected this odd 8-Stamp Mill. It was reported that "the mill were fully installed and safely housed in from the elements". 

  By almost one year later the mill was pounded by heavy winds and crushed by a snow avalanche. This resulted in the mining company abandoning  the mines.

  This is a very rare type of stamp mill, I highly doubt another exists either in the field or in a museum. The foundry that produced this mill was located in California.

Original drawings of this interesting stamp mill.


Stamp Mill Mortars, this is where the ore bearing rocks would be crushed.
That's if this odd ball stamp mill really worked.


Before we head over to the stamp mill, lets check out some pretty flowers.


A High Sierra Purple Tickler.


Oh look, a pretty lake.


Another strange looking flower.

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