Tarantula & Morning Glory Mining Camps, California

Aaron inside the Old Dependable Mine.

  Numerous mining companies started up here in 1906 and by 1907 all were gone. One mining company, the Wild Rose was sold off at a profit just before the great financial crash of 1907.
  In 1939 the Old Dependable Mine started up and it shipped about 70 tons of high grade antimony ore before it was shut down for WWII.
  Latter on Tungsten was mined here but very little was shipped. The Morning Glory Mine only produced ornamental rock and was idle by the 1950's. The Tarantula operated in the 1950s and was renamed the "Broken Pick" and was probably the only profitable mine in the area, it continued to operate on into the 1970's.

Let's explore the Tarantula & Morning Glory Mining Camps

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