Snow Canyon Mining District, California

A Refurbished Mill that was used by the St. George Mine in later years.

  The Snow Canyon Mining District rests in Snow Canyon in the Argus Mountain Range out in Panamint Valley. This is one of those spots that we have been coming to for many years and I was hesitant to put on the Web Page, but changed my mind once I found out that its been included in a new Jeep trails book.
  Mining in Snow Canyon dates back to the 1870's when silver and gold were mined here at the Golden Lady Mine and St. George Mine during the heyday of Lookout City, the Modoc Mine, Minnietta Mine, and the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns.
  Hiking in Snow Canyon you will find the ruins of many stone buildings, corrals, three mill sites, mine tunnels, and a tramway.

  Historical information has been sparce, but here is some of what I have found:
In Oct 1878, a grand party was thrown over at the Modoc Mine to celebrate the acquisition of the first Automatic Ingersoll Rock Drill in Inyo County, a contingent from a gold camp in nearby Snow Canyon attended.
  In the summer of 1884 ore from these Wildrose Mining District Mines; the Blue Bell (Garibaldia), Mohawk, and the Argonaut were sent over to a mill in Snow Canyon for treatment in order to determine the ore's milling quality.
  Johnnie Cyty found and developed a small mine in Snow Canyon and for a while produced bullion at a mill which he built there. The 1904 boom at the Keane Wonder Mine over in Death Valley caused Cyty to abandon his Snow Canyon Mine for Keane Wonder.  

Let's explore the Snow Canyon Mining District

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