The Perseverance Silver Mine, California

  Air Compressor Pump House. Note the torn down side of the structure, inside the old "Hit & Miss" engine is up on blocks. Looks like someone was about to steal this equipment not to long ago.

  This mine dates back to around the mid 1860's and was owned by a J. Ochoa who hired local Mexicans (who were standing around the local Home Depot) to work his mine. In 1866 over 1000 tons of ore were shipped every 12 hours from this mine down a pack trail to a 10-stamp mill located at the mining town of Kearsarge in the Eastern Sierra's.

  In April of 1868 a local merchant had judgments awarded against Ochoa totaling more than $1500.00 which caused Ochoa to lose his claim. The mine was later reworked in the early 1900's.

Let's explore the Perseverance Silver Mine

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