Seldom Seen Slim's Peak, Panamint Mountains, California

Panamint Valley Prospector Seldom Seen Slim
The Last of the Single-Blanket Jackass Prospectors

 Seldom Seen Slim, was a prospector who called the ghost town of Ballarat in Panamint Valley home for over 50 years. Ballarat was named after a famous Australian gold mining town.

  According to Slim, he was born Charles Ferge in Nov. 1881 in Springfield Illinois. (funny his headstone reads 1889). It's disputed as to whether he came to Ballarat in 1913 or 1917, but regardless, Ballarat was pretty much past her prime by that time.

  Ballarat sprang to life in the 1890's with the discovery of gold up in Pleasant Canyon at the Ratcliff, Anthony, and World Beater Mines. The canyon was way too steep to support a town, so a flat area below Pleasant Canyon in Panamint Valley was chosen as a townsite.

  As mining in the region began to subside, miners moved on or passed away leaving Slim as Ballarat's last resident.  Seldom Seen Slim was also known as "Seldom Clean Slim", as he was quoted as saying he hadn't had a shower in over 20 years. Slim stayed on as Ballarat's last resident desert rat caring for the graves of fellow prospector's in Ballarat's boot hill until his death in August 1968.

  After Slim's death in 1968, the USGS named a peak in the Panamints "Slim's Peak" in honor of Slim, this 7,112ft. peak is located in the Panamint Mountains 4.8 miles SW of Porter Peak.

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