Saddle Rock Mine, California

Cool mine shaft.............where's DezDan when you need him?

  The discovery of gold at the Saddle Rock claim by John Ramsey & John Thompson (umm.. Thompson Canyon in the Argus??) in 1906 precipitated the great Skidoo Rush of 1906. This and other claims held by this pair were sold later in the end of year for around $25,000.
The Saddle Rock Mining Company was formed and developed 3 tunnels and 2 shafts. 

  Development at the Saddle Rock Mines were cloaked in secrecy, a camp was established, which included a blacksmiths shop, with thoughts of a mill, arrangements were even made with E. A. Montgomery for water from the Skidoo pipeline.

  In 1909 the ore looked very good and Saddle Rock Mining Company applied for patents on this and other nearby claims. From 1910 onward, the information on the Saddle Rock Mine and it's associated claims becomes piecemeal and lost to time.

  By 1938 the Saddle Rock mine consisted of 4 patented claims owned by the Emigrant Springs Mining Company with H.W. Eichbaum as President. (of Eichbaum Toll Road fame) with 3 tunnels and five shallow shafts.

From there the Saddle Rock passed thru many hands and faded into oblivion

Let's explore the Saddle Rock Mine

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