Reward, California
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  How many times have you been out ghost town hunting in your DC-3 or B-17 Flying Fortress only to spot a neat ghost town to explore from 10K feet, but no place to land?
  Well fret no more, this ghost town features it's own airport, the "Manzanar Airport" to be exact. But if you decide to drive to this camp, you will notice the asphalt under your wheels, this is all thats left of the Manzanar International Airport built in the 1940's to supply the needs of the Manzanar Relocation Camp located across the highway.
  The Eclipse Mine was discovered in 1860, and was most likely the first location of a mine in Owens Valley. The Eclipse was later called the Brown Monster, and it's companion the Reward, provided mainly gold with smaller amounts of silver, lead, and copper. The mines were active until 1936. The town of Reward was a trading center for the mines of the valley and had a post office from 1900 till 1906.
  In the great Owens Valley earthquake of 1872, one person was killed and another injured at Eclipse. Just like Lone Pine, Bend City, and San Carlos, most of the bulidings at Eclipse were made of adobe, and were destroyed in the earthquake.

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