The Prescott Mining District, California

  The Prescott Mining District is located on the old Mono Pass Trail at almost 10,000 ft. in Sierra Nevada Mountains at Mono Pass over looking Mono Lake. Gold was first discovered in Bloody Canyon in 1852 by an Army Lieutenant pursuing Indians. The area was rediscovered in 1879 and the Prescott Mining District was Established.

  The old Mono Pass Trail was used by the early miners and starts in Mono Basin, goes over Mono Pass and ends in Dana Meadows. We hiked from Dana Meadows to Mono Pass, a distance of 4 miles with a elevation gain of 1000 feet (with all of the ups and downs, it seemed like more).
While at the mining camp the kids spotted mountain goats high on the mountain watching us.

  I read that the Mono Pass Trail was originally used to reach the mining camp of Bennettville. I don't know why they didn't just take Highway 120? Boy! what some people won't do to get out of paying the Entry Fees into Yosemite!

Let's explore the Prescott Mining District

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