Plumas-Eureka, California
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  The Mohawk Stamp Mill began operations in 1878 and was powered completely by water. It's a nice hike from Eureka Lake to the Mammoth Mine above the mill.

  Gold was discovered here in 1851 on Gold Mountain, this went on to become the famous Plumas-Eureka Gold Mine.
  In 1855 the Eureka Company built a mill on the banks of the Jamison Creek and the town of Jamison City sprang up soon after. It acquired a reputation as a rough and lawless town.
  Over at Eureka Lake in 1873 a mill went into operation and the town of Eureka Mills came into being, it featured a boarding house for 200 miners, a school, church, two stores, a hotel, and many saloons. Unlike Jamison City, Eureka Mills went on to become a family town. I wonder, did they have a Chuckie Cheese Pizza Parlor?
  The town of Johnsville started to grow once the Mohawk mill started operating and by 1882 had two hotels, three general stores, two meat markets, the usual complement of saloons, and several homes.
  It's thought that this area may be the birthplace of skiing in North America. In the winter, miners would hold competitive downhill races which started at Eureka Lake and traveled down a 1700 foot run with speeds approaching 80 mph. The miners wore "long boards" or "snowshoes" (skis), these skis were about 20 feet long and weighed around 20 lbs. They also carried one pole between their legs to use for breaking. Prize money for the races ran as high as $250.00.  

Let's explore Plumas-Eureka

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