Panamint Valley Onyx Mine, California

  The Onyx Mine was in operation back in the 70's. Rockhounds could pay a small fee and collect their own onyx. I have a little bottle made of onyx from this mine that I bought many years ago at the Ballarat store, back when Don was the mayor of Ballarat.

  The structures here at the Onyx Mine are gone. A BLM ranger in Ridgecrest told me that it was part of the agreement with the Briggs Mine that they clean up (allow the desert to reclaim) the local canyons and area. So they sent out personnel to tear down the old cabins and clean up the site. We met some of these desert clean up personnel from Briggs Mine in Snow Canyon a few years back and they confirmed that they were out to clean up and remove junk and mining artifacts from the area.  

  What a great view of Panamint Valley they must have enjoyed!

  Aaron tries to start up the old compressor engine.

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