Mojave Desert Mine Exploring, Part 1, California

Now how cool is this? A mine that features it's own boat loading ramp!
This picture does not even do justice to the size of this massive mine!

  Rich deposits of silver ore were first discovered here in the 1869 and a town site was laid out at a nearby spring. The town was named after a rough translation of the Indian word for "clear water". Nope the town wasn't named Coor's. A deep gorge led from town to the mines that were located on nearby Mineral (Alaska) Hill.
  By 1875 the town was thriving and featured many miners cabins, 2 hotels, 2 stores, 2 saloons, a butchers shop, a Wal-Mart, and the office of the local mining company. The town also featured 5 and 10-stamp mills. A post office was established in 1879. In 1880 a weekly newspaper called the "Green-Eyed Monster" was founded, it lasted only a few issues, rumors say the name was later changed to "One-Eyed Monster" in order to boost sales.

  By 1899 the ore had lost its value, and the miners began to leave for other Mojave Desert mining camps such as Calico and Providence, and by 1899 the post office was moved.
There's so much to explore in this area that we will just have to come back!

Let's explore some Mojave Desert Mines

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