BB Mine, California

  The BB mine was first discovered in 1904 by  prospector who bore the nickname "Johnnie-Behind-the-Gun" and located ten claims here. The mine changed hands a few times over the years with little work being done until 1935 when it was purchased by the Coen Company who worked the site until about 1937.
  One of the ways to get to this mining camp involves hiking down the "cable road" shown in the picture.  A Mack truck and a wagon were winched up and down this road with the ore and supplies. This very steep road was graded directly down the mountain side. This road is so steep that I must have slipped and fell on my butt about 3 times, and on the way back up we couldn't decide weather to walk up-right or crawl up on all fours! Look for pieces of "blue" rubber on this road from the wagon.

  I rescanned the pictures originally posted on this page because the Nikon Coolscan III Scanner first used to scan the pictures screwed up when I first scanned the negatives. After three trips back to Nikon for service, and after having every part inside it replaced, it started acting up again, so I  replaced it with a Nikon Coolscan IV ED and have updated the original bad scans. 

  I have also updated this page with photographs from a return visit. The main thing that I have noticed from the 2nd trip is that the wheel barrel shown in the picture is now gone, the stacked cement bags have been knocked over, also the beds in the stone bunkhouse above the camp have been moved around, rather odd.

Let's explore the BB Mine and Mining Camp

Revisited in 2005

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