Minaret Mine & Lake, Eastern Sierra's, California

Minaret Range and Lake........................Are we there yet?

  The Minaret mining district was established in 1878. As with many other mining districts, the amount of capital required to develop the mines and the cost of transporting the ore to the mills was too great for the quality of ore developed.
  Large deposits of lead were found in the Minaret region. Few of these mines continued active production for more than three or four years. A survey for a railroad was actually made over the Mammoth Pass route in 1881 to access the mines.
  As with most mines work was conducted on and off here, in 1929 work was completed on a shaft to the 300 foot level. The Minaret Mine was later reworked during the 1960's on thru the early 1990's when the mine was abandoned and the property was turned over to the forest service.

  We hiked to this area in 2007 just 30 days before millionaire Steve Fossett crashed in his aircraft just .25 miles away from this mining camp.

Let's Explore the Minaret Mine, 

Hiking the JMT (John Muir Trail) or (Just More Trail)
How come nobody ever falls when you have the camera ready?


Minaret Falls


Flower Power


Claim Marker or Street Sign? 

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