May Lundy Mine, California
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  The Homer mining district was established in 1878 in the Eastern Sierra's and included the May Lundy mine which is situated at over 9000 ft. over looking beautiful Crystal Lake. The mine was named after the pretty daughter of W. J. Lundy who operated a sawmill supplying Bodie with lumber in a canyon named after him. 

  In 1894 a 10-Stamp Mill was built by the Jackson and Lakeview Mining Company at the base of the tramway to the mine high above. In 1900 the May Lundy Mine was bought by the Crystal Lake Gold Mining Company and the mill was expanded to 20-Stamps. A tunnel was run near the mill site to cut the veins nearly 1500 ft. from the outcrop. The actual May Lundy Mine is located high above the mill site and was connected via an aerial tramway. 

The hike to the mill site is almost 4 miles on a old road with a grade of 65 Degrees at times. 


Let's explore the May Lundy Mine

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