Mailbox Canyon Mine, California

  The Mailbox Canyon Mine is located up a remote canyon in the California Desert. Access is only by hiking up this canyon. The mine sits on over 400 acres of unpatented lode and placer claims.
  A small mining company now owns the property in a partnership with the former miners family. What a great investment this company would make! Stocks are currently less than a nickle a share!

By the looks of the camp nobody has been here in years. 

Let's take a hike up Mailbox Canyon to the Mailbox Mine; 

Hiking up Mailbox Canyon, whats that just ahead of you?


LOOK ! It's a mailbox, and there's something in it.


Mining Claim documents from 1983.


Hiking up the canyon, we find another mailbox.


Oh look, a treasure map!


What's so good about it?


A old military ammo box, what's in it? ....Rocks.


Another mailbox, let's turn the page to see what's in it !

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