Charlie's Long Lost Mine, California

Charlie's Long Lost Mine found

  Charlie's long lost mine sits at around 4500ft. In the canyon below are the ruins of the tram and the rock wall remains of Charlie's 5-Stamp Mill from the turn of the century.

  Charlie located his mine back in July of 1893 and formed a partnership with John Lamphier to develop this mine which was described as being situated 2000 feet from the willows in Post Office Canyon. In 1895 he built a 5-Stamp Mill in the canyon 1100ft. below the mine at a location known as Anthony's Camp. The mine was connected to the stamp mill via a 1800ft tramway. The cables for this tramway can still be seen on the old miners trail to the mine.

  Charlie was a native of New York and resided in Darwin and in 1896 he listed his occupation as merchant and his age at 63, he also served as the Justice of the Peace.  This claim has gone though 4 name changes over the years since it was originally located back in 1893.

Let's explore Charlie's Long Lost Mine

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