Illegal Alien Quartz Mine, California

  We had read of two mines in this same general area of the Tahoe National Forest with the same name. Information I had read talked about a 700 foot tramway at the mine and a output of over $100K. With our GPS and the Laptops running we found the road to this mine, but we had found that the road had been reclaimed by the forest. So we hiked thru the forest and found a newer road down below that now led to what turned out to be a still active mining camp.

  We didn't find any tramway here, if there was one, we figured it may have been further down a faint overgrown road that followed a ridge, but we didn't check it out. The information I had read (in a book by the Tahoe National Forest) may have been talking about another mine of the same name in the area nearer to "The Forks".

Let's explore the Illegal Alien Quartz Mine

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