Ibex Mining Camp, California
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The Moorehouse Mine is now the site of the longest playground slide in the state.

  First off, Thanks to Bill Mann and the Mojave River Valley Museum of Barstow for adopting this Mining Camp and preventing it from being bulldozed.

  This area is a multi-era mining camp dates from the late 1800's , to a revival about the turn of the century, to the discovery and mining of talc in this century. This area is also laced with old Indian trails and also features 25 Indian "sleeping circles".

  Ibex Springs was the name given to a copper and silver mine discovered here in 1881. In 1883 a stamp mill and smelter were built here to serve the mines, the ruins of this can still be seen. Gold mining here dates from about the 1880's, and continued into the early 1900's. Talc mining took off here in the 1930's with 16 claims being filed by John Moorehouse. The Moorehouse Mine had yielded almost 62,000 tons before it played out in 1959.

Let's explore the Ibex Mining Camp

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