Gold Hill Mill, California

  The Gold Hill Quartz Mine was first located on April 30, 1889 on the northern side of Gold Hill. In addition to the mine, an associated five-acre mill site plus a water source was also recorded in what was originally called the Cleaveland Mining District to be used in for mining, milling, and domestic purposes. Nothing of interest remains at the mine, but an interesting mill that was built years later is worth investigating.

  After years of unrelenting research, I  have uncovered lost information about the Gold Hill Mill. Allow me to quote from recently released Top Secret government documents;

  "In the early 1930s when the Gold Hill Mine was under lease to Louise Grantham, it was rumored that she intended to build a mill at Warm Spring southwest of Gold Hill.  The Gold Hill Mill Site was located on February 5, 1933, immediately prior to establishment of Death Valley National Monument. The Gold Hill Mill itself was evidently built in the late 1930s, a date imprinted in a cement slab at the mill site would seem to indicate that the complex, or at least part of it, was built in November 1939. By the time the mill was a running, Mrs. Grantham was becoming involved in talc mining in the vicinity. As a result, she proceeded to establish a camp on the Gold Hill Mill Site Claim to serve her Grantham Mine."

The Top Secret government documents go on to describe this mill;

  "The mill setup contains a power-driven arrastra; an oil-burning hot-shot diesel engine that drove an elaborate arrangement of flywheels, a belt and pulley system, and drive shafts that operated the mill machinery; a Blake jaw crusher; a cone crusher; bumping and concentrating tables; a cylindrical ball mill; an ore bin and chute; an unloading platform; a conveyor system; and other related mining paraphernalia. Immediately west of the mill are the concrete foundations of a mill house."

  All references to a grassy knoll, 100MPG carburetor, alien probing, or a possible second gunman appear to have been deleted from these government documents.

Let's explore the Gold Hill Mill

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