Frank's Mine and Jake's Cabin, California

HEY! How the Hell am I supposed to take a picture of the cabin with that damn Jeep in the way?

  Miner Frank was out prospecting in these desert hills back in the 1880's and sometime around 1890 he located a rich silver vein. It's reported that his mine was so rich that he installed a solid iron door on entrance to the mine.

  The ore from Frank's mine was valued at around $4000 per ton. In the 1890's he shipped his rich ore to Daggett for milling. In 1914 Frank's wife passed away and he decided to lease out his mine. By this time his silver mine had produced around $100,000 in silver! During the following years Frank's mine was worked on and off and produced another $100,000.

  In 1911 Frank discovered the Tremolite Mine in the local hills approximately 6 miles southeast from his silver mine. This mine was later reworked by the Western White Talc Company in 1918 and then reworked again by the Pacific Coast Talc Company who shipped out over 160,000 tons.

Frank was honored by having his name given to a siding on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad.

  Jake's cabin is a old desert miners cabin that we found here, it was painstakingly restored by a fellow named Jake and his dog. We found 2 cabins here that were restored by desert cabin lovers.

Let's explore Frank's Mine & Jake's Cabin

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