Fiddletown, California

  The Schallhorne Blacksmith and Wagon Shop dates back to 1870. This shop is where locals would bring their wagons to get modified with winches, lift kits, and 33" BFG All Terrains.

  The area was first settled back in 1849 by Missourians. The area was mostly placer mined with a little quartz mining. In 1865 a 10-stamp mill was built here.
  Fiddletown is one of the places where Mexican outlaw Joaquin Marieta was almost captured. It is rumored that he evaded arrest by dressing up as a "Macho Combo Burrito" and rolled right by the Sheriff and his posse.
  The post office was established in 1851 and the town was given the name "Fiddletown". In 1878 the name of the town was changed to "Oleta", and in 1932 the town's population of 65 people voted to restore the name of the town to Fiddletown.
  The origin of the name of the town is uncertain. Some say it was named for the fiddle players among the Missourian miners, others say the name comes from German miners who also lived here.
  In the reminiscences of a fellow who lived here, he said that there was a old lady who once claimed that her family were the first settlers here, and that the area was called "Violin City" because her husband, two sons, and daughter all played the violin.

  Located well off the major highways, Fiddletown has escaped the commercialization and modernization that has occurred in most of the old California Gold Rush towns.

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