The El' Bagua Mining Camp, California

 Oh don't be such a's only a hike of just over 10 mile's......

With a elevation gain of 1000 FEET PER MILE !

  You won't find an empty stripped out "drive by mill" building here ! This depression era mining camp features a ton of cool mining equipment ranging from a Shaker Table, Ore Car, Compressor & Air Drill, to an old Miner's Cabin.

  During the Great Depression of the 1930's men were desperate for work so they turned to reworking the old lost gold mines found in the Deserts and High Sierra's. The world was suffering from an economic downturn, mad dictators were making threats to wipe America off the face of the earth, we had a socialist congress and president that were spending like mad and mandating on America failed socialist programs.

Hey that sounds just like 2009 !!!

Let's explore The El' Bagua Mining Camp

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