Carlyle Mine, California

  While exploring the vast waste land known as 29-Palms, we discovered that the Carlyle Mine, once a shining star of the Dale Mining District was actually worked by Minors.

Carlyle Mine Specs, as of 1902:
Ore: Gold, Silver, and Lead
Shafts: 155 feet.
Tunnels: 1000ft.
Drifts: 200ft
Greatest depth below outcrop: 425ft.
Displacement: 454 cu. in.
Rear End Gear Ratio: 3.55


Let's Explore the Carlyle Mine

  Minors get up early in the morning and head up the trail to work in the mine.  A swing-set used by the hard working Minors after a hard day.

Minors love to play on slides, weeeeeeee.

  When it comes to work, these Minors really know how to get it in gear!

Lower entrance to the Carlyle Mine

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