Burned Down Stamp Mill, California

Nothing burns me up more than a burned up Stamp Mill !

  Reported to have been discovered in 1849 by Kit Carson, this mine was the first to start quartz mining and the first to install a stamp mill in the state of California. Most of this mining district was part of the Las Mariposas Grant of General John Freemont.

 The 1868 Report of Mining Resources stated; In 1864 the mine was run on a small scale with a water powered mill under a lease working quartz ore at $25 a ton, later that year it fell to $11 per ton.

  Later in 1864 the mining company which owned the mine, in hopes of raising production took back the mine from the lessee and moved in a 40-Stamp mill from a nearby idle mine. The total production in 1864 was $84,948 and there was concern weather there was enough paying quartz ore to support the 40 stamp mill.

  According to the 1872 Mining Resources Report; By 1870 the mill had been reduced down to about 25-Stamps and was running on steam. By this time the quartz ore was producing about $9.98 per ton and was barely enough to keep the operation running. It was reported that the mine was temporary closed, and when it reopens it will be run by a Chinese labor force exclusively.

  Interesting note, a 1874 Report of Mining Resources Report states there was a steam powered 48-Stamp Mill at this mine.

  The most productive years for this mine were between 1890 and 1913 when the mill burned down. Most of the buildings found on the site date from later revivals. The stamp mill pictured here is of later date and was burned down by local teenagers partying.

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