Bodie, California
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The Dechambeau Hotel & I.O.O.F. Hall

  In 1881 the Reverend F.M. Warrington called Bodie "a sea of sin, lashed by the tempests of lust and passion". Bodie was a rough and rowdy town. Its streets were lined with saloons, gambling dens, and brothels, as it was populated by mostly young males.

  The Bodie Morning News Oct. 28, 1879 described a typical Saturday night:
The later half of Saturday night was a wild one. The consumption of bug juice was something wonderful. The down-town dance houses were scenes of numerous pugilistic passages, and pistols were several times drawn to enforce fistic arguments. No one had his measure taken, however, for a wooden overcoat, though the prospect at times looked as if it would develop into a bonanza for the Coroner and undertakers, but simmered down to a few rich "pockets" of  broken noses and black eyes....

  The Daily Free Press April 20, 1880 described a Sunday night:
Instead of remaining in their rooms and reading moral books, a great many citizens were on a the rampage Sunday night.... At one time it looked as though the undertaker would be blessed with a victim....

Let's explore Bodie

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