The Blue Jasmine Stamp Mill, California

  When exploring mines in the Sierra's Mother Load, you never know what you will find. Sometimes your GPS mine coordinate leads you on a hike to nothing in the middle of the forest, other times you find town homes and yuppies where your mine once was, but every now and then, just when you think you're plum out of mining camps to explore, you hit pay dirt!

 The Blue Jasmine, or the "BJ" as we like to call it, is where we learned that the water once used to power the stamp mills was measured in feet of "Head"................ Damn I didn't know you could measure that!

  When the Sawyer Act basically outlawed hydraulic mining in the Sierra's in 1883, the miners turned to drift and quartz mining and after a few years, the claims in the area of this mine were the first ledges to be worked successfully. I have read in a California Division of Mines report that this mine had a output of over $3.5 million dollars.

Let's explore The Blue Jasmine Stamp Mill

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